How To Choose a Moving Company for Your Office

Moving an office is always a time-consuming and tough process. You can make it easier and more efficient by hiring the right moving company.

If you live in a big city, you probably have a wide selection of moving companies in the area. How can you tell which one is right for you?

We would like to share a few simple tips to make choosing the right moving company easier.

1. Reading Reviews

Reviews are the most important indication of the company’s ability to satisfy its customers. Try to avoid reading reviews left on the company’s website especially if the review form isn’t readily available.

Go to Google and Yelp to get the most accurate information. Don’t be put off by a few negative reviews. In most cases, it’s impossible to be in business for many years and never get a negative review. If more than 90 % of reviews are positive, you can be sure the company is a good choice.

2. Checking the Equipment

What type of trucks does the company use? Does it have two and four-wheel dollies, high-quality straps, crates, bins, ramps, and pallet jacks?

How big are the trucks? The bigger the truck, the faster you can move your office. It’s most likely to be cheaper to use one truck and two movers than two trucks and four movers.

While checking the equipment, ask about the team. How many movers can a company provide for your move and how the pricing depends on the number of workers.

3. Finding Local Options

Many people make a mistake of opting for remote companies’ services because they appear cheaper. In reality, remote companies don’t do the work on their own. They hire local movers to help. Since they offer low prices, you are likely to get cheap services.

According to experts from a Toronto moving company, it’s always better to speak to the movers face-to-face before hiring them. It’s much easier to discuss the details, get a full impression of the company, and negotiate, if applicable.

4. Evaluate Pricing

If you are looking to save money on a move, you have to compare prices. Generally, the majority of local companies have similar prices. You can search for movers that offer deals.

In many cases, new companies on the market offer some types of deals to attract new clients. However, these movers don’t have reviews and may not have sufficient experience. By opting for a low price tag, you may be losing quality.

5. Asking For Packaging Options

Do you need help packing your office equipment and furniture? Even if your employees are ready to do the packing on their own, do they have packing materials? Look for companies that offer packing materials and packing assistance.

Even though packing services may cost you extra, you can save a substantial amount of time. Professional packers can ensure the safety of your equipment.

6. Checking For Insurance

All professional movers must have insurance. When considering a company, ask about the insurance provider and the policy number. Don’t hesitate to check if it’s valid.

Find out if the insurance works for the items you packed yourself. Ask who is responsible for damage and loss during the move.

If you are planning an international move, find out if the company has the required licenses and permissions to cross the border.

Finding an ideal moving company may take some time. However, the effort you put in can help you have peace of mind during the move. 

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