Practical Tips for Your Business: Parking Lot Maintenance

A good looking parking lot will give your customers an amazing impression of your company. When well-maintained, customers will feel very comfortable parking in front of your business. However, it is also essential to always keep your parking lot looking clean, since damages can cost you over time. Undiagnosed and serious pavement problems can end up destroying a whole parking lot, and it is easy to allow things to get away from you. Experts from ABC Paving & Sealcoating shared some pavement maintenance secrets to help your business become successful. 

1. Invest in good quality pavement

You should invest in professional contracts and top quality materials if you’re paving the ground from scratch. The paving procedure can help determine the pavement’s longevity. It would be wise to make a bigger investment at the start to avoid costly repairs later on. 

2. Sweep and clean

Does your parking lot have debris, like dead branches and piles of leaves? While they might appear harmless, eventually, these can result in serious issues. For instance, dead leaves will accumulate moisture; and water is the main enemy of pavement. Your pavement’s foundation is undermined when water seeps in through small, minuscule cracks. Frequently clear the pavement to make sure you are maintaining it in top shape. 

3. Check for damage

Keeping the parking lot regularly swept will also be easier to spot potential issues like growing cracks. If you see problem spots in your parking lot such as potholes or cracks, you need to deal with them right away. For your customer’s safety and their cars, make sure that they don’t worsen. The bigger the pothole or crack, the more costly the repairs will be.

4. Clear weeds

Does your pavement have weeds growing through cracks? Remove those weeds immediately. Roots are able to grow deep into the foundation and tear it apart from the inside out. Splits are extremely prone to weed growth. Ensure you kill these weeds as soon as possible. 

5. Fill cracks

Get those cracks filled after clearing the weeds. To ensure everything stays looking beautiful and fresh, get in touch with a professional to help you fix the cracks in your pavement.  

6. Checkup time

While you are making regular sweeps around the lot, you need to look for other issues. Holes and cracks are all threats to the asphalt’s long, full life, and locating them early will lower the costs of repair. 

7. Keep heavy vehicles away

These vehicles damage the pavement. Although the asphalt pavement is able to take a huge load, heavy and large vehicles might crack and warp it in the long run. Think of how you can keep them away from the pavement, and it will serve you for years to come.

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