Phone Data Management: Who Needs Phone Validation Services?

In 2017, over 40 percent of companies considered the mobile to be their most effective customer communication channel and revenue earner surpassing every other marketing model. Industries, businesses, and the service sector maintain a vast database of phone numbers to directly contact potential customers to publicize products, services, discounts, and offers.

With the setting up of call centers, phone data management has assumed critical importance. One of the biggest headaches a company faces is a database clogged with wrong, fake or inactive numbers, and a lot of time, energy, and money can be lost in following up these unusable numbers.

Companies are increasingly turning to phone validation services to sanitize and spruce up their customer phone database to improve the effectiveness of demographic targeting and increase the success rate of marketing campaigns.

An expert phone number validator such as Byteplant’s phone validation solution verifies the area and country codes of mobile and landline numbers worldwide, eliminates false leads, and integrates the phone validation solution directly on to your landing page.

What Exactly Is Phone Number Validation and What Does It Do?

By validating a phone number, you are ensuring that the 10 digits number matches the number configuration parameters followed internationally, and numbers that don’t satisfy universally accepted protocols are automatically invalidated or eliminated from the company’s contact list. This saves marketers time that would be wasted in following nonexistent customers. It also protects companies from frauds and impersonators.  

6 Compelling Reasons Why You Could Be the Service Provider Who Needs Phone Validation Services

Companies generally avail phone number validation services to harvest significant benefits that improve their marketing campaigns. Here are six compelling phone validation services that you can’t do without:

Fake Phone Number Verification for Fraud Protection

Companies and consumers lose billions in dollars owing to fake phone numbers, online frauds, and identity theft. Phone number verification is the most critical defense against fraud. A phone number can be verified by directing a 6 digit number to the email address or mobile number provided by the customer. Customers enter the digits in the contact forms that they view on their mobiles, laptops or PCs. This simple two-step verification ensures that customers have direct access to the numbers they are providing.  

International Phone Number Validation for Expanding Your Customer Base

The conventions followed in formatting phone numbers were standardized internationally following the ITU-T E.123 and ITU-T E.164 models. International numbers that can’t be matched to standardized formats are automatically invalidated and removed from the company database.

The phone validator then matches the country code, area code, and dialing number to confirm the correctness and availability of the number. With phone validation, you’ll know the country of origin of the number provided, whether it is a landline or mobile number, the details of the telecom service provider, the number’s roaming status, and whether it is active or unused.

Bulk Phone Number Validation for Automating Large Databases

It is virtually impossible (and impractical) for companies to manually dial and validate each customer phone number. The phone validator resolves the headache by automating validation services to cover the company’s entire phone number database. The validator identifies the carriers that offer competitive rates for low-cost bulk calls, isolates all invalid numbers, and separates the mobile numbers from the landlines.  

Phone Number Validation Regex Model to Simplify Search Engine Metrics

Feeding phone number search requests using word processing and texting doesn’t guarantee accuracy in phone validation. Expert phone validators use regular expressions or regexes which are strings of characters that pattern locally and internationally used phone numbers. The regex is then fed into the search engine to validate the phone number format. The process is faster and more accurate.

Phone Number Validation JavaScript Model to Resolve International Number Formatting Challenges

The 10 digits international phone number format preceded by a plus sign makes it easier to match numbers provided by customers in feedback forms. The problem arises when different countries follow varying practices in the use of intervening commas, spaces, and punctuation. This issue can be resolved to a large extent by using JavaScript to remove non-digital characters and simplify phone searches and validate 10 digits (or bigger) numbers.

Phone Number Validation API for Real-Time Number Tracking

Because of the critical importance of data validation and data quality, the best phone validators use an advanced application programming interface (API) to validate local as well as international phone numbers of any nation. Even if a customer has entered an incorrect number or one that omits the country and area codes, API reformats the number to its international equivalent. API is also useful in pinpointing the carrier and the phone’s location.


Companies who need phone validation services are those that are heavily invested in preserving the quality of their customer database. Such companies realize that phone validation is a time-tested way of reducing marketing costs, and of improving ROI. When you engage a professional phone validator, you are indirectly laying the foundation for a healthier conversational and interactive experience with all customers – existing and potential.

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