Top Demand Side Platform Companies 2019

Ads buying and selling have never been this easy. With the emergence of DSPs, marketers discovered a whole new world of advertising and purchasing inventory. This significantly cut down time spent on countless meetings, drafting contracts, discussions. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that DSPs have revolutionized the digital marketing industry.

But with the growing popularity of demand-side platforms, the number of companies offering such solutions increased as well. How do you know which one to go for? No need to do any research. We’ve got it covered. Let us present the top DSP companies in 2019. But first, a short introduction.

What is a DSP and How Does it Work?

DSPs serve as assistants helping marketers with buying digital advertising inventory. Simplifying this process allowed them to target audiences faster, better and more accurately. Such a solution is extremely time-efficient thanks to RTB, which takes milliseconds from the moment a visitor enters a website. On the other hand, the budget is also safe as advertisers can set certain limits and exceeding it is close to impossible.

A DSP connects to a digital inventory (it does not own it) such as ad exchange and ad networks, where publishers place their supplies with the use of SSP. This allows marketers to search through tons of ad inventories based on impressions and run successful campaigns with less effort. Moreover, the latest versions of DSP are able to run multiple campaigns across several channels using a single interface.

Top Demand Side Platforms in 2019

It is critical to understand what a DSP is and how it works. Once you get the handle on it, you’ll have to choose one platform that best suits your needs. Here’s a list of top DSPs and none of them is the same providing you with a good variety.

Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP

Adobe Advertising Cloud offers a wide range of products and a DSP is an integral part of it. As its creators call it, Adobe DSP is an omnichannel that combines three crucial components: cross-screen planner, inventory management, and marketing. Advertisers are able to monitor and analyze the performance of campaigns thanks to topnotch reports, logs, APIs.

A great advantage of Adobe Advertising Cloud is that it consists of four integrated with one another products giving marketers an exceptional advantage over their competition. TV Advertising, Search Marketing Management, Creative Management, and Demand-side Platform are all a true marketer needs.

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP was built to target Amazon users but it can be a great tool to reach audiences across the Internet and in mobile applications. The ads can appear in various forms, i.e. desktop and mobile web display ads, mobile banner ads, mobile interstitial ads, and video ads. Amazon DSP is particularly beneficial for brands that use Amazon to sell their products. It can drive purchases, and grow brand awareness. It can also be used for retargeting shoppers.

The platform offers two management options: Amazon managed, and ESS managed. An interesting feature of Amazon DSP is customer categorization referred to as in-market audiences and lifestyle audiences, the latter being a much broader group. Also, updates are quite frequent and usually include user-interface and performance.


AppNexus is meant to be “the world’s most customizable platform”. It allows marketers to build custom solutions in order to create a unique campaign that will perform well and bring outstanding results. Detailed insights obtained through log-level data, developing customer segments, building unique algorithms – all of this and more are offered by AppNexus.

They also provide several channels and formats. Marketers can engage audiences with video, connected TV, mobile, display, and native advertising. Programmatic options are also quite vast ensuring safety and transparency. There are multiple buying options available as well. Creators ensure that their inventory is outstanding which allows achieving better outcomes.


ActiveRevenue is a self-serve DSP created for both marketers and agencies. It gives advertisers access to high-quality media and offers several beneficial features such as granular targeting. The main goal of ActiveRevenue DSP is to simplify the marketing campaign while improving its performance significantly.

They offer native ads, pop-under ads for desktop or mobile devices, and push notifications, which is a relatively new format of advertising. ActiveRevenue allows marketers to target audiences based on keywords, interests, device, location, browsers, carriers, operating systems allowing them to control the budget and frequency of their campaigns.  

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is said to be the fastest-growing DSP offering buyers the outstanding bidding capabilities driven by pioneers in RTB. The company won several advertising awards and offers a wide variety of products. The features include omnichannel targeting, data management platform, enterprise APIS, and HD reporting. It was created by experts for experts.

When it comes to advertising channels, the Trade Desk has covered all the formats. Marketers are provided with the possibility to run TV ads, audio ads, mobile ads, native ads, and video ads. They can also benefit from vast inventory and marketplaces as well as an extensive DMP which is fully integrated. Advertisers get access to a planner and can cross-target and track audiences.

Benefits of Using a DSP

Undoubtfully, DSPs bring numerous benefits for both individual marketers and advertising agencies. Here’s an outline of some of the most prominent ones:

  • They are able to reach more inventories with the use of a single platform.
  • They have very precise targeting options allowing marketers to reach bigger audiences.
  • Real-time bidding cuts down the marketing efforts significantly giving advertisers increased control over their campaigns.
  • Campaigns are easier to manage and optimize, which is extremely time-efficient.
  • Many DSPs allow import from a CRM or DMP.
  • DSPs often offer much broader support than other traditional providers.
  • Transparency through inquisitive reports and data. Everything is done in real-time.


Demand-side platforms were designed to help marketers with managing and optimizing their campaigns. It is truly possible that the benefits can reach both ends of this process: advertisers providing them with successful, well-performing ads, and Internet user being presented content they actually find relevant.

With such a great variety of DSP companies in the market, it can be tough to make the right choice, however, going for the top ones is always the safest option. We strongly encourage you to get to know more about the presented companies and letting yourself benefit from their exceptional features.

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