Digital Marketing for your Fashion Brand

Your fashion brand is a drop in the sea teeming with competitive sharks. How can you swim out and stand out from the crowd? Raise brand awareness and outdo the competition by coming up with something extraordinary. All of the above can be achieved by taking the right approach to digital marketing.

If you want to maximize profits while minimizing the marketing expenses, you can take advantage of several special strategies. Don’t settle into the routine of using the same approaches that other businesses do. Fashion brands are different since they can either become a hit or fail in a matter of seconds.

1. Target And Retarget

Fashion brand shoppers are fickle. And your goal is to make money on their impulses. A shopper may have looked at an item for a while, made a certain decision, and left the page. Don’t let them go! While the person is still on the website, post reminders about the viewed item.

In many cases, if the item caught the shopper’s eye, you can make a sale. Just make sure you don’t “get off the customer’s back” until they leave your e-shop.

2. Use The Free Delivery Trick

The free delivery trick works like a charm for shoppers who don’t follow through with the items they have lying in the cart. In the majority of cases, they get frustrated at seeing the shipping and handling fee added to their not-so-small subtotal.

Allow the shopper to leave the website and then send a follow-up email, which promises free delivery if the customer returns immediately and buys all the items in the cart. Works like charm!

3. Make Holiday Promotions

Holidays are an excellent opportunity to send emails promoting your brand. Of course, you have to add a promotion or two to the email. When the holidays are near, your potential customers are ready to shop hard. When they see discounts, they are even readier.

You don’t need to make huge sales. Take advantage of the occasion to send an optimized message, which leads to big buys.   

4. Design An E-Store

Fashion brands which solely have brick-and-mortar shops are slowly becoming obsolete. Not many people are ready to get off their couches to buy something in a mall when they can do it by clicking a mouse.

Some smaller boutiques are going out of business with the rent and vendor salaries exceeding the profits. An e-store is an excellent way out, especially when you have a limited product line.

A good example of such an e-store is If you need a varsity jacket, would you go to a boutique specializing in them? Do you even know where to find one? You are likely to go to the nearest department store in search there.

Meanwhile, when you are shopping online, it’s much easier to find a specializing vendor and buy your desired items from them.

5. Offer Ready-To-Buy Outfits

When a customer is browsing your e-store or walking along the isles, they are likely to look for an outfit, not just one item. Make the full outfit available on the spot. For an e-store, if a woman is shopping for a skirt, offer a matching blouse, shoes, and scarf to go with it.

By doing the shoppers’ thinking for them, you aren’t just earning high scores, you are boosting your profits.

6. Find Influencers

Fashion bloggers are your best friends. These influencers can reach out to your target audience just by jotting down a few words. Paying these people to promote your brand is highly effective. They know your audience and how to approach them. What could be better for marketing efforts?

7. Be Close With Your Audience

Building brand awareness starts with social media. You need to be able to engage with your target audience to learn their needs and offer your solutions. Your goal is to create a community where the audience has a chance to ask questions, get advice, and feel safe and comfortable.

Run contests, arrange giveaways, make surveys and polls on Facebook. All of the above can keep the audience interested, especially if you offer a few small incentives and rewards.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing for fashion brands is special and often requires an unusual approach. The above tips can help you draft the marketing campaign for your business, target the right audience, and bring in more conversions.

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